Does Peak Pantry have a minimum order size?

Because we wholesale direct from Melbourne markets supplier packaging determines our minimum order quantities. However, we are more than happy to discuss individual customer requirements.

What are Peak Pantry’s delivery days and times?

At Peak Pantry we deliver to Mount Hotham, Falls Creek and surrounding areas on Tuesday and Friday over the busy winter season and during the summer months.

Is Peak Pantry produce fresh or frozen?

We are committed to providing quality fresh produce direct from Melbourne markets, however we can also supply frozen goods to suit individual customers needs.

How can I pay for my quality fresh produce through Peak Pantry?

Here at Peak Pantry we accept all major credit cards and you can also pay online using PayPal.

What are Peak Pantry’s online ordering deadlines?

Our online ordering deadlines are:

  • 5:00pm Sunday (for Monday delivery to Bright and Tuesday morning delivery to the Mount Hotham area)
  • 5:00pm Wednesday (for Thursday delivery to Bright and Friday morning delivery to the Hotham area)

What are Peak Pantry’s quality control processes?

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the fresh produce you receive through Peak Pantry we ask you to contact us via our website or phone as we are committed to delivering high quality fresh produce and ensuring our customer service is at a standard expected from our clients.